lunch – salads

  cucina house salad
    – organic mixed greens, tomatoes, chick peas, imported romano, sun flower seeds, shredded zuccini with balsamic vinaigrette   9
  wood-fired chicken salad
   – with raisin and roasted pine nuts top our cucina house salad   14
  oven-roasted portobello
    – on a bed of cucina salad, smoked mozzarella, pears, walnuts, served with a dijon herb vinaigrette   14

fruitwood seared salmon
   – tops or cucina salad with freash apples, goat cheese and walnuts   14


wood fired breaded calamari
    – served over our cucina house salad with dijon vinaigrette   14


lentil, pumpkin, and sundried tomato salad
    – roasted with aged balsamic vinegar and evoo, finished with feta cheese   12

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