Secondi – 2nd Course – Meat, Fish, Poultry Served with Day Vegetable

  chicken carpione
   – dipped in egg and bread crumbs, marinated and baked    8
  lamb chop
   – rosemary rubbed, finished with sun-dried tomato pesto   12
  stuffed flank steak
   – rolled and centered with hard boiled egg, fresh herbs, romano cheese finished with raisins and shaved dark chocolate   10
   – "Steak of the pizza maker" wood fired strip braised in garlic marinara finished with aged balsamic  10
  veal scaloppini
   – with mushrooms and peppers  10
  sweet sausage
   – with beans and sage leaves   7
  pork tenderloin
   – with fresh orange and marsala sauce   9
   – wood fired wrapped in paper and baked with herbs   8
    – baked in garlic marinara sauce   7
    – lightly breaded, baked and wood fired   8
    – marinated in garlic, parsley & pesto and wood fired   12
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